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strange thing, so there is no intersection of two people meet, the final letting two mutually familiar people become familiar.Youth road, inevitably stumbled, but some experience, people will become clear, the way of life is inevitable bumps, but some ups and Barbour Womens Jackets downs, people will become calm, quiet. Walk to the Four Seasons, busy watching the flowers bloom, look Yunjuanyunshu quiet, even in life to what, have to face with a calm heart, elegant Barbour Jackets living.In this distant city, I had to laugh, there have been tears, was also kind of like the rainy season, when the rain ushered in now, Barbour Outlet Online I do not expect anyone umbrella for me, I will hold myself Barbour an umbrella, alone, walking in the rain, marching all the way to the rain, I look through the traces, I think, I’ll laugh.Night, raw cold, Barbour Jackets Outlet silent, everywhere spread the autumn Barbour Factory flavor.Accustomed to a quiet night, followed by poetry melody, accompanied by nostalgic songs, stepping moonlight pure, step by step, deeper into the night. In the dim light of this city, flee neon colors of the city, find a quiet corner, settle their minds, little circle, I think, miss, light writing.Too wide fingers, can not hold the rush dies daylight, narrow fingers, ran aground Sentimental Love. Tonight, casual look photo album, pulls out a familiar face, that face after seeing, feeling a Barbour Outlet long time can not calm down, I thought it had abandoned all memories about you, persevering, but why stranded a photo.With a gentle mind had, across the horizon, looking Barbour Online at the deserted moon, a place I Tasui thoughts, shallow sing happy songs in a plain sheet of paper and write a beautiful met, no noise no trouble in the corner of the time, do the little woman. Also write, write faint wish, Mo fireworks, is owned by people, you fortunate I was passing Barbour Mens Jackets through, you are of my life. Later, after the fireworks, in a ghost town where Barbour Sale people, shed a tear, is sad, but also a memorial.North of the city, is cooling, cold weather day than the day, sitting in front of computer screens, think, Are you also of the city down the temperature? The man, remember clothes on? Perhaps, at the moment you are sitting still looking at a piece of text under the lamp, start thinking about how to solve problems. And now I am in the city, the exiled mind, though remember you, though they wrote about Barbour Store your words phrase, but it is a smile, perhaps after happiness Duoliaoyifen quiet,